Frequently asked questions

How long do Momentum boards take to charge?

This depends greatly on the current battery level at the time the charger is connected but in most cases a battery at 0% indicated on the LCD display will require up to 3hrs to fully charge to 100%

Whats the range of the boards?

This depends greatly on several variables such as: 1. Rider weight 2. Elevation "hills" 3. Riding style "trigger happy or cruising" All of out boards have different range capabilitys depending on which model you choose but in most cases we see from 8miles to 18 miles average of 12-14.

Do i need to tighten my chain and how will i know?

New chains tend to be more stiff and will loosen up and even stretch over time:

  1. Excessive noise from your chain may indicate the chain tensioner needs to be adjusted
  2. Visually inspecting the chain before each ride is a good practice to prevent damage or injury.
  3. Periodically lubing the chain with bicycle chain lube will greatly increase the life of your chain.
  4. Never over tighten your chain, Over tightening puts extra stress on bearings and motors.
  5. Chains should be able to delfect from center forward and backwards up to a 1/4" when properly tensioned.

How often should i charge my remote?

It is a good idea to charge your remote every time you charge your board. On average the remote battery will stay charged for around a week of riding but you never want your remote battery to die while riding so frequently charging is a good idea.

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