The Berserker board is a no compromise beast with torque to spare! No matter the terrain the Berserker will dominate, great for trail riding junkys and adrenaline seekers this 9.4hp monster with built in traction conrol will tackle any terrain you can throw at it scaling 40% grades without breaking a sweat, The Berseker comes equipped with MBS Metal Matrix2 Trucks, Momentum Matrix2 motor mount, and MBS F5 ratchet bindngs. With an average estimated range of 23-26 miles" With our 10s6p Flex pack" and top speed of 27+mph the 6374 190kv sensored brushless motors provide an impressive 6500 watts of  power, this board will destroy boosted, evolve and enertion boards all day long. The Dual Vesc 6.6 200 Amp speed controllers delivery smooth reliable power and regenerative braking to recharge the 10S6P 36V custom Flex Pack comprised of 60 Samsung 30Q 18650 cells, built in BMS and Antispark switch with easy charging barrel plug. This board comes standard with Flipsky Vx1 handheld wireless remote control featuring 3 speed modes, cruise control and reverse. Board battery status can been seen on the remote or the built in illuminated lcd display located on the motor control box and by connecting to the Vesc through the bluetooth module, you can also view live performance data including speed, power consumption, watts, duty cycle and so on.

      Momentum Boards are a fun and exciting way to get around, and while they are capable of speeds of 30mph+ we do not recommend traveling at speeds over 20mph for your own safety. Alway wear an Approved Helmet and Pads. Be especially cautions when traveling over dirt or rough terrain and most importantly have fun!


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