The Momentum Boards EFLEX deck is a purpose built, Hand made composite masterpiece that provides an unparallel riding experience. The deck truely is the backbone on any build and it should perform, move, and flex as hard as you do. Each deck is hand made and tailored to your specific rider weight and flex preference, with up to 25 layers of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and Glass hand sanded and buffed to perfection this deck will perform as good as it looks. Overall length is 39" and width at foot pads 8.5" with a kick angel of 30 Degrees. Ride quality is drastically improved through shock absorbtion and rider fatigue also decreased, another added benefit is improved handeling in turns, as you head in to a turn centrifical force pushes downward on the deck increasing the kick angle at the ends and increasing truck pivot angle resulting in tighter more agressive turns. Please specify rider weight, color, flex preference and forged or standard pattern.

    Carbon: 3k Carbon Fiber 90deg layup

    Forged Carbon: Chopped 3K Carbon Fiber Weave Omni directional

    Forged Hybrid: Chopped 3k Carbon Fiber/ Colored Kevlar Hybrid material Omni directional


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