Chain drive systems are known for they'r durability, reliability and simplicity. They have been used as the standard drivetrain choice on everything from dirtbikes, sportbikes, atv's, and your childhood go kart. With the popularity of our standard chain kits it only made sense to build and improve upon an already time tested system. Introducing the Momentum Boards DTR mini chain drives! These new drives feature a super compact design and sealed enclosure to increase chain life and ground clearance while reducing drive noise, The sound level is comparable to an open belt drive setup. With an internally mounted sprocket hub and sealed bearing you no longer have to remove a chain or belt or unbolt a flange to remove a wheel. The output of the sprocket hub features our new slip drive adapters allowing you to remove the wheel just as you would remove a front wheel only the truck axel nut needs to be taken off. The DTR mini chain drive features a 4.5:1 ratio, and fits Matrix2 Trucks and any 60mm motor with 8mm shaft. 




    2x DTR Chain Drives

    2x HD25 Chain and Master Links

    2x 10T 8mm Shaft Motor Sprocket

    2x MBS Compatible Slip Drive Adapters


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