Momentum Boards Zero 8inch Tire Skin
  • Momentum Boards Zero 8inch Tire Skin

    Print in TPU 75% +Infill 4-5 walls


      We know that these days everyone has or knows someone who has a 3d printer, and that half the fun is building or tricking out your boards and we would like to help this hobby grow and spread, so we have made some of our favorite 3D designs public and free for you to download, print and enjoy! Feel free to share these files and tell your friends where to download them in the future. Please be careful when riding and when using any kind of aftermarket or modified/Printed parts. Always inspect your prints quality before using them and ensure that no part of the print interferes with the functionality and safety of your board. Momentum Boards is not responsible for damages to persons or property from the use or misuse of these files. By downloading these files you agree that you have read and understand the statements above.


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